Introducing Rose Anderson's compilation of 29 spring wildflower photos taken in the Baltimore area, with forward from curator Cheryl McGinnis! This book was originally created in April 2016 for a Nature Connections interactive event "Spring Magic - Wildflowers" with the Natural History Society of Maryland.

Download the PDF below by right clicking the Download button and choosing "Save Link As" or simply click the Download button to open the book in your browser.


     "One of the primary drivers of the photo illustrations I consider my main body of work is my exploration of how we see nature when we've become disconnected from it. We have this sort of high-level understanding that a landscape view of fields, or mountains, or the ocean, or a forest path is nature. We forget that a landscape only exists at that high-level view because of all the details that make it up.  Our awareness of those details is what makes the difference between really connecting with nature and having an outdoor experience where nature is merely incidental."

Rose Anderson