The Ground on Which We Walk

  My work is to re-frame the narrative around historical artifacts and to put modern imagery into the context of history. Through my photography and my medium of photo composition and contemporary printmaking, I ask: "respice verum," look back at the truth.

  So much of American history can be found in sifting and digging through the story of Maryland. I forge across the Maryland landscape to find evidence of cultures long discarded and white-washed by history. Through the camera lens, I investigate nature, land, architecture, relics and material culture. With these images I seek to connect and integrate them within a composition that transcends time, space, history and popular beliefs.

  On the grounds of Hampton Plantation, we can be physically and mentally immersed in the true story of our country. If we can open our eyes, we can feel the truth wash over us when we pass through the mansion's opulent doors. We can sense deeply the emptiness of the slave-holding Ridgelys' ill-gotten ephemera.